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Okinawa per week!

For those who love Okinawa and plans to purchase a tour to Japan with a visit to the southernmost part of it, we decided to create a small guide plan, which included all the so-called “golden sights” of Okinawa, which you should definitely see during the first visit to the island . Why is Okinawa considered such a popular destination for tourism? The transparent turquoise-blue waters of the ocean, the splendor of the local nature, the remoteness of the islands from major cities, a completely different Japanese cuisine, unique culture and history are all unique treasures of Okinawa, acquaintance with which will leave you with exceptionally pleasant memories.

We recommend renting a car. But if you do not want to get involved in renting a personal transport, there are still options such as a monorail, it can take you from the airport to the center of Naha, the capital of Okinawa or Shuri Castle, or buses that take you to the island’s most popular attractions.

However, a rented car will allow you to move freely around the island and not be tied to the bus schedule. It is convenient to travel around Okinawa by car. The traffic here is not as intensive as in large cities, and the roads themselves are wider. Therefore, do not forget to take an international driver’s license if you have one.

DAY 1–3
On the first day, we advise you to head north to the island of Kouridzima. This is a remote island located in the northwest of Okinawa, which can be reached by car via a two-kilometer bridge passing over the emerald-green ocean. This is a great chance to take pictures in one of the most beautiful places in Okinawa. After visiting the beach, we recommend staying for lunch at one of the Kouridzyma cafes.

The ruins of the Nakijin Castle are probably the place to be visited without fail to learn more about the history of Okinawa, dating back to the 13th century. Once in the castle Nakidzin lived ruler of the Kingdom of Ryukyu (the former name of Okinawa).

The Churaumi Aquarium, which is also one of the first to visit, is not only a popular attraction of the island, but also the largest oceanarium in Japan. The highlight of the aquarium are whales that live in a giant aquarium, their length reaches 7-8 meters.

Are you interested in tropical fruits? If so, then after the aquarium, go to the southern part of the island, to the Nago pineapple park. There you can not only see pineapple plantations, but also try the freshest pineapples.

We also recommend a stop on a rock by the coral reef at Cape Manza. At sunset, you can enjoy fantastic views of the ocean.

And if you want to get a taste of the special mix of Okinawan and American cultures, how about visiting the American village of Mihama? This is an incredible entertainment complex, permeated with an American atmosphere. Here you will find many shops with unique souvenirs and restaurants that serve Western dishes.

DAY 4–5
On the fourth day we will go to the southern part of Okinawa, where we will spend two whole days.

The Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Park is located on Mabuni Hill in the city of Itoman, where battles took place during World War II. You can learn more about the history of this place by visiting a museum located in a park and admiring the beauty of the coast, which offers great views from the walking alleys of the park.

Shuri Castle (or Shurijo) is one of the symbols of Okinawa. From 1429 to 1879 he was the political, diplomatic, and cultural center of the Kingdom of the Ryukyu. These territories once flourished, saturated with a unique culture, the formation of which was influenced by Japan, China and Southeast Asia. The architecture of the castle perfectly reflects the culture of that time.

“Okinawa World” is a theme park where you will have a great time walking through the village of craftsmen, the houses in which are built in the traditional Okinawan style with red tile roofs, visiting the numerous shops selling products of local craftsmen, here you can also visit stalactite cave 5 km long.

Beach lovers are recommended to visit the beach of Häkuna, the most peaceful and quiet natural beach in southern Okinawa, one of the most visited by tourists and locals. Next to it, behind a small cliff, is Mibaru beach, more lively and well-maintained. It is ideal for family holidays.

This day we propose to spend on the remote island Naganna. To get to the island, you will have to take a ferry in Naha, and the crossing itself will take only half an hour. Until 2011, Nagannu was a deserted island, and to this day its natural resources have remained intact. This is a great way to relax and devote a whole day to a pleasant lazy rest, admiring the amazing contrast of the emerald-green ocean and snow-white coral sand.

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