Since 1950, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings began to grow throughout Tokyo. And, of course, the designers have not forgotten the incredible panoramic views that open from the upper floors of…

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The Japanese love the rules of etiquette. And the rules of lunch etiquette especially. It would seem that coping with chopsticks is not at all difficult. And Japanese restaurants are…

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In this article we will tell you about four small customs that are very useful for tourists who know Japan to travel before starting a trip. The fact is that…

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Osaka, like no other city, is of irrepressible Japanese interest in food and offers its guests delicious Japanese dishes that you will not try anywhere else! It is not for nothing that Osaka is called the “Kitchen of Japan”, so if you like to eat tasty food, you know a lot about good cuisine and during your travels you love to taste something new that you haven’t tried before, buy a tour to Japan, which will include a visit to Osaka, and go on a gastronomic hunt for delicious and original dishes! Now in Osaka, you can find about 90 restaurants, awarded the Michelin Star.

In addition to restaurants in Osaka, you can visit the famous Kuromon market, where professional chefs buy the freshest ingredients for their establishments.

This is quite unexpected, but one of the most popular restaurants in Osaka offers its visitors completely non-Japanese dishes, like other restaurants. Cafe Kuma is a European-style restaurant serving delicious hamburgers, pizza, pancakes and similar dishes.

In addition to delicious dishes, one of the reasons why tourists love this place so much is its owner, who comes from Australia. Here you will receive the warmest hospitality, and in excellent English, the restaurant staff is very friendly and helpful, and besides a delicious lunch, you will always be advised on where to go to Osaka, how to get to a particular place, etc.

You should be familiar with the feeling when you get to another country with a completely different culture and start to miss your homeland. In the restaurant Kuma, you will be able to taste the usual food and again feel at home for a while.

The restaurant is located near the Kaiyukan aquarium, one of the main attractions of Osaka.

Getting there: 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Station (Osaka Chuo Line).
Opening hours: 12: 00–19: 00.
The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Budget: 2,000–3,000 yen.
Cuisine: European.

Places of interest nearby: Kayukan Aquarium.

OSAKA CUISINE ASAI (お お さ か 料理 淺井)
Osaka Cuisine Asai – Japanese restaurant, awarded 1 Michelin star, which offers its visitors more than 150 different dishes daily.

The restaurant’s chef selects fresh seasonal ingredients every morning at the largest wholesale grocery market in Osaka – Kuromon, so the restaurant’s menu is based on dishes that use seasonal ingredients.

In the restaurant, you can order a special menu or choose from the menu a la carte. There is a choice of 3 Omakase menus (choice of chef), mostly these menus consist of standard Japanese dishes.

In the restaurant you can stay at the counter if you want to look at how the chef prepares, or at one of the large tables for up to 10 people. Some restaurant staff speak English and help you make a choice, so that you get real pleasure from the dishes prepared by the chef.

Getting there: 5 minutes walk from Nagahorirbasi Station (Sakaysuji line).
Opening hours: 17: 00–24: 00 (Monday – Saturday) / 17: 00–22: 00 (national holidays).
The restaurant is closed on Sundays.
Budget: 10,000–15,000 yen.
Cuisine: hazel (Japanese cuisine), kappo.

Places of interest nearby: Shinsaybasi.

OKONOMIYAKI CHITOSE (お 好 み 焼 き ち と せ)
If you come on holiday to Osaka, in no case should not ignore one of the most famous local dishes – okonomiyaki and one of the most popular restaurants in the city – Chitose.

The institution is located on a small alley, which is quite difficult to find, if you are not local. An entire line is often built here, but the dishes served in this place are worth the wait.

In Chitose you will be offered different types of okonomiyaki with different fillings: okomiyami with meat, seafood, vegetables. If you cannot choose from a huge menu, ask for help from the owner of the restaurant, he speaks excellent English.

If you are going to try okonomiyaki for the first time, order Butatama (豚 玉). This is a standard okonomiyaki with pork, which is perfect for a glass of beer. Sit at the counter and enjoy the cooking process. And if you’ve tasted this dish for the first time, why not try their secret Okonomiyaki Takasuga-yaki (た か す が 焼 き)? This is a terrific sabameshi dish (a combination of fried noodles and rice) with nagi-yaki (like okonomiyaki, but cooked with Japanese leek). Local people really love this dish, and some even consider it delicious okonomiyaki.

How to get there: 3 minutes on foot from the Dobutsuen-mae station (Miduzi line).
Opening hours: 12: 00–21: 00.
The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays.
Budget: 1,000–2,000 JPY
Kitchen: okonomiyaki.
Places of interest nearby: Osaka Tennoji Zoo.

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