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There are a lot of legends about Japanese vending machines. And indeed, you can buy almost everything. From batteries and tickets to apple slices and bread in cans. But today we will talk about a more familiar machine with drinks.

Europeans are used to expect from him a standard set of soda and a bag of apple juice. This may be true, but not in Japan, where, on average, there is one such machine for 23 people.

So, a couple of jars of cola, mineral water, and then – almost endless variety of unidentified labels with hieroglyphs. The rhetorical question: how not to get lost in the names and choose something interesting?

For a start – a few simple rules and tips:

Machines in Japan sell cold and warm drinks at the same time. Most often it is difficult to make a mistake: warm ones are marked with a red tag, and cold ones – with a blue tag. And in the winter the choice of hot drinking becomes much richer.
Lean and gambling tourists can hunt for “discount machines”. Over them or on them by all means advertise with discount (100 or 80 yen). It looks like this: 100 or 80. And there are these low-cost machines most often in residential areas.
The chance that you accidentally buy something really strange to your taste is not great, but still we advise you to remember: the standard set of drinks may differ from ours. Perhaps the most disappointing acquisition will be a jar of hot corn or bean soup on a hot summer day. However, it is unlikely that a tourist will suffer such a failure: in summer, soups almost do not sell, and on the jars, moreover, they almost always depict corn or bean beans.

And now – more about what you have to face.

First, you will surely find ordinary mineral water of an international or Japanese brand. One of the most popular is I Lohas (transparent bottle with green leaves). This is a product of Coca-Cola Japan, a well-known environmental safety policy. However, you can find Evian water or local brands. Especially in the regions famous for clean water.

Secondly, no one has canceled the classic drinks cola and Fanta. True, in Japan, the variety of tastes is impressive (which is worth 74 tastes of various Fanta). For example, Fanta with white banana or Pepsi Cola with strawberry milk.

If we talk about soda and Japan, it is impossible not to mention that in each machine you are waiting for a white bottle with blue bubbles on the label – Calpis Soda (or non-carbonated version – Calpis Water). Milk-flavored sweet soda is a popular brand that began in 1919. True, the original version is a milk mixture, which is dissolved in water or milk.

Popular with Japanese workaholics and sports drinks. If you need to quickly regain your strength after an active run on the sights, brands such as Aquarius and Pocari Sweat (non-carbonated) will come to the rescue. The first contains electrolytes and amino acids that effectively inhibit fatigue. And the second, enriched with ions, maintains the balance of fluid in the body. Pocari Sweat has another curious detail. For him, this year they are organizing the world’s first advertising campaign on the … Moon. At the end of 2016, a capsule in the shape of a jar of sports drink will be launched into space. Inside – messages from Japanese children and, of course, the stock of powder for the cultivation of the drink. Apparently, instead of tea, the future generation of astronauts.

Japanese do not forget about juices. The most popular – apple, grape, peach – can be found in almost any vending machine. Pay attention to the brand brand Minute Maid, Qoo. It is especially easy to recognize by the funny blue animal on the label (and its various friends). However, the name Minute Maid – also does not disappoint the expectations of fans. In addition, consumers who are preoccupied with vitamin deficiencies have boosted the popularity of vegetable juices (for example, Ito En). Drinking a mix of carrots, greens and apples may not seem appetizing to you, but for certain it will seem useful to the body.

Not passed Japan and a boom in coffee. It is sold in machines only in aluminum cans, usually with a capacity of about 200 ml. The leading manufacturer, Coca-Cola, actively places its brand Georgia. Size asceticism is bathed in a variety of tastes: from classic to “emerald mountain blend”. Coca-Cola’s rival is Japanese Suntory, with their brand of Boss. It is easy to recognize and distinguish the latter by the unchanged Tommy Lee Jones, who has been constantly promoting this coffee since 2006.

And of course, is it worth mentioning that coffee in vending machines can always be bought hot.

And certainly no beverage machine in Japan can do without teas. Bitter green, refreshing black with lemon, sweet dairy … And a great many others, less familiar.

Getting lost in this urban tea plantation is easier than ever, so we’ll give you some useful tips.

It is believed that the Japanese hot summer is best refreshed you simple green tea. Literally in every machine there are products Ooi Ocha. Alas, the name is written in hieroglyphs, so it is difficult to recognize it.

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