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If you decide to go to Japan and get a summer tour, you should certainly visit the firework festivals that are held throughout Japan throughout the summer season. In our article we will give you some tips and will introduce you to little tricks that will allow you to get maximum pleasure from ideas with minimal inconvenience to you.

Firework festivals are held in Japan from July to August.

Performances with fireworks – this is probably one of the most beautiful and spectacular among all such shows in the world. And if during your visit to Japan one of these festivals is held, we would recommend making adjustments to your initial plans and visiting it. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

So, then we will bring to your attention some useful information that you should know and keep in mind, including information about what it all is – is on one of these shows.

Take, for example, the sparkling twilight in Yokohama.

Glittering Twilight in Yokohama is a fireworks festival held in July. The venue, as you can easily guess, is the city of Yokohama, which is only half an hour from Shibuya.

As a rule, this place is crowded with people of all ages – young people and married couples, and the crowd gathers an hour before the show begins. It so happened that people arrive at the festival site in advance in order to take places where you can stay. The venue for the Glittering Twilight Festival in Yokohama is Yamashita Park. The presentation lasts half an hour, from half past seven to eight in the evening. This is not so long, but more than three thousand beautiful multi-colored salutes explode in the sky above the port of Yokohama, and this spectacle is really fascinating.

Similar festivals are open-air events, so if you want to enjoy the show in a more comfortable environment, you should grab a few things with you. We have prepared for you a sample list of what you may need. We hope that thanks to our tips, you will feel more prepared and be able to fully enjoy the play of light and fire at any of the firework festivals in Japan.

Picnic sheet

A huge number of people come to see the fireworks, and do not be surprised if at some moment you find yourself sitting in the middle of a crowd just on the ground. A picnic mat or blanket can help you keep your clothes clean, and you can buy them in a combination store – a Japanese convenience store, where a lot of different goods are sold. In any case, it is better to bring a litter or rug with you, because in the shops located close to the show, on the eve of the show, everything is usually already sold out, and there is a risk of being left without any litter at all.

Jackets with long sleeves or sweaters

During the day in Japan it is very hot and hot in summer, but, depending on the weather, it is cool at night, especially if the event is planned near the water. And since by the time the festival ends, it’s getting even cooler, believe me, you won’t regret taking the jacket or the long-sleeved sweater with you. In addition to everything, the ashes and remnants of fireworks can crumble around, depending on where you sit, so, we strongly recommend that you bring your jackets with you.

Insect repellents and antihistamines

Fireworks festivals are often held close to water, for example, on the shores of lakes or rivers, or even on the seashore, or it may happen that you have to sit on the grass while you watch the show. For example, Yamashita Park is located along the coastline, and in summer there are fewer mosquitoes than in other regions. But all the same, as in any park, they are there, and there is a risk of being bitten by them. So, please, stock up with any insect repellent, as well as in case you are not fortunate enough to be bitten, make sure that drugs that prevent itching and allergic reactions to insect bites are also at hand.

Drinks and food

Snacking and drinking during the performance is probably one of the best parts of the fun that can be obtained at the fireworks festival.

Convenience stores near the fireworks festival venue can be crowded with people queuing for food and drinks, so the most sensible decision is to buy alcohol and snacks in advance and bring them with you. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time in the queue, or face the fact that the most popular drinks and snacks will be sold out when your turn comes up. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the scooter – mobile outlets with fast food, which are usually installed in the venues of mass events.

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