Okinawa per week!
For those who love Okinawa and plans to purchase a tour to Japan with a visit to the southernmost part of it, we decided to create a small guide plan,…

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Delicious "souvenirs" that can be brought from Japan. Tell a friend about Japan: Everyone loves snacks, and it is no secret that there is a huge variety of them when…

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For Oktoberfest beer fans, this is a holiday not to be missed. If you are planning an autumn trip not to Germany, but to Japan, why not visit the brick…

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Airlines LAX, JAL, United, All Nippon, American and Singapore offer non-stop flights to Narita International Aiport to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. Airlines United, Hawaiian, Asiana, Delta, American, EVA and Cathay Pacific offer connecting flights (with a change of planes). The cost of the flight “round trip” is 753 dollars, including taxes and fees. Narita Airport, where travelers arrive who have purchased tours to Japan from Moscow and other major cities in the world, is located about 65 kilometers from Tokio Disneyland.

From Narita Airport there is a bus service to the Tokyo Disney Resort (the last bus is at 6 pm), so children’s holidays in Japan will be even more comfortable. The fare is $ 24 each way (half price for children), the trip takes one hour. From Haneda Airport, the transfer takes 45 minutes and costs $ 9 (the last bus at 7 pm). A bus will drop you off near any hotel in the resort.

The metro connects the center of Tokyo with Maihama Station, which is located across the street from the main entrance to the entertainment complex, next to Ikspiari. The monorail railway passes around the Tokyo Disney Resort, but it is primarily used by tourists who came to Japan for the summer holidays and those who stay in “official” hotels that are about one and a half kilometers from the entrance to the park. One-day ticket costs $ 6 for adults and half price for children; a ticket for two days is $ 8.

Parks at weekends and local holidays are much more busy than on weekdays, but summer, Halloween and Christmas are also periods of great excitement. Therefore, if you are going to spend your summer holidays with children in Tokyo and visit parks, purchase tickets in advance. On days with a peak number of visitors, ticket sales may be suspended. Despite the busy water park in the summer, this is the best time to visit it, so you should think about buying exactly summer tours to Japan.

The price of admission for one day in one park is 72 dollars for adults and 63 dollars for children 12-17 years old, 47 dollars for children 4-11 years old and 66 dollars for elderly people (65 years and older). For children 3 years and under the entrance is free. Multiple-day passes are also available, it is advantageous to use them for tourists who have arrived for the summer holidays in Tokyo and for those who have purchased children’s tours in Japan. Discount on tickets is usually valid after 3:00 pm on weekends and public holidays and after 6:00 pm on weekdays.

If you plan to organize children’s holidays in Japan, you can stay in one of four hotels under the Disney brand – three are located within walking distance of parks and the fourth, cheaper option, Tokyo Disney Celebration, is 6.5 kilometers from the entertainment complex. Hotels in Tokyo Disney Resort need to be booked in a few weeks. Prices for the weekend are much higher than in the middle of the week.


The MiraCosta Hotel is located within DisneySea. This is a fairly expensive hotel, but the location, the views of the volcano and the atmosphere of Portofino are worth it. If you decide to go on a summer vacation in Tokyo and have a summer tour to Japan, book it four or six months before your trip. Double room costs from 479 dollars.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located a stone’s throw from the entrance to Disneyland. The hotel impresses with the luxury of the Victorian era. The cost of a double room – from 424 dollars.

Hilton tokyo bay

The Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel is one of the “official” hotels of the Tokyo Disney Resort. It has a futuristic futuristic room category “Celebro”, there are also “Family Happy Magic” rooms with fabulous forest decor. From the hotel to the entrance to the park 10 minutes on the monorail. The cost of a double room – from 147 dollars.

Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai

Best Western Hotel Tokyo Nishikasai is suitable for a budget holiday. Not all rooms have air conditioning. Located about 6.5 kilometers from the parks. Although transport is provided, going on a children’s holiday in Japan, plan the cost of a taxi. The cost of a double room – from 92 dollars. Single rooms are also available.

In the above hotels can stay as independent tourists, as well as travelers who have purchased a tour to Japan, the price of which varies depending on the length of rest in Japan.

Most of the dinners in the parks are served behind the counter, they are very diverse, especially at DisneySea. A combo plate costs from 8 to 14 dollars. Disneyland has a large selection of curry dishes in the Hungry Bear restaurant. If you are planning to buy children’s tours to Japan, be sure to check out Good Time Café and try Mickey-shaped pizza and fried chicken sandwiches served in a Chinese bun.

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Okinawa per week!
For those who love Okinawa and plans to purchase a tour to Japan with a visit to the southernmost part of it, we decided to create a small guide plan,…