The most beautiful and best beaches in Japan are undoubtedly located on the tropical islands of Okinawa, the country's most southern prefecture. But for some reason, speaking of Japan, many…

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Glemping (glamorous camping) is a fairly new concept for Japan. When it comes to camping, the Japanese say it's a good thing, but when it comes to living there, they…

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If you come to rest in Tokyo, work or study, no matter how busy you are, you still have free days. You should not stay at home or in a…

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Safe, clean and interesting Japan provides all the conditions for a great family vacation. Here, children of all ages can find entertainment for every taste: from futuristic museums, hypnotic gaming centers and walking robots to ninja restaurants, snow monkeys and calligraphy courses.

The bullet train itself is an attraction, and it’s also an easy way to travel around the country with your family.

Tokyo with its skyscrapers and neon lights easily combines modern attractions and age-old traditions, cultural experience. You can spend the morning in a quiet temple, and in the afternoon visit the most advanced humanoid robot in the ASIMO world at HondaWelcome Plaza.

In the capital, there is also the studio Gibli’s animation studio “Studio Ghibli”, which shot the anime “Spirited Away”, and Tokyo Disneyland. If you purchased children’s tours to Japan, and your children are anime fans, in your free time you should visit the museum and see how anime is created, then take a stroll through the roof garden, where there is a five-meter-long robot.
The resort town of Yudanaka in the Japanese Alps is about three hours by train from Tokyo. It is known for its natural hot springs and snow monkeys. Yudanaka will be a real highlight during the children’s holidays in Tokyo.

These sociable creatures spend most of their time in and around their hot springs. They now and then dive and protrude from the water and quarrel with each other among the stones. Although the monkeys stay in the region throughout the summer, it is especially funny to watch them in the winter when the snow is on their heads while they take thermal baths.

We recommend that you visit a snow monkey in a child’s holiday in Japan, as well as spend one day in Yudanaka to relax with the family in the healing waters.

Japan, tours from Moscow to which will be one of the most memorable trips in your life, can offer tourists superfast public transport. This brainchild of technological progress reaches speeds that have not been heard of anywhere else in the world. The bullet train, or Shinkansen, as the Japanese say, is an exciting and futuristic way to travel around Japan.

Over 99% of superhigh-speed trains allow a delay of arrival of no more than one minute. Few other places in the world would consider a 30-minute train delay as worthy of mention in the news. Shinkansen make up only a small part of the network of Japan Rail.

Private cars can be prohibitively expensive in Japan, and the coverage and reliability of the railway network allows you to cross the country with comfort and minimal cost.

We recommend to be like the Japanese and take a bento at the station to have a snack on the train. This box consists of four or five compartments, which include rice, salad, and fried or breaded meat. Kids kits also include a picture of Hello Kitty or another character.

Kyoto will offer you the greatest cultural treasures of the country and magnificent historical buildings. One of the best assistants in Kyoto research will be the bicycle, since a number of temple complexes are located on the outskirts of the city.

Do not leave you indifferent Kyoto Golden Pavilion, located in the landscaped garden. There is a path around the pond that allows you to wander around. The gold leaf decorating the building gives the temple its name.

Ryoanji (Temple of the Dragon of the World) is famous for its garden of stones, which are collected in various patterns. Kiyomizu Dera is located on a hill, with a fantastic view of the city. This place can be visited during a children’s holiday in Japan, provided that the child is more than five years old. Otherwise, your child may be tired of such a rich walk.

When planning a trip to Japan, the price of which will depend on the number of guests, choose a route that will include visits to Kyoto temples.

Spend your leisure time in traditional Japanese style to help you better understand the local culture. Geisha culture — the art of entertaining talking, dancing, music, and drinks — is still prevalent in Kyoto, and you can have a good time in the Gion area, trying on traditional kimonos like the elusive geishas.

Together with your children, take part in a master class that will teach you martial Japanese dance with a sword-kembu. Children in Japan have been learning this art since the age of six, it attracts both young people and people of old age. If you want to try something more relaxed, you can practice Japanese calligraphy or origami with the “Association of Kyoto women” in a traditional family home.

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